Claire's Bones (working title)
Britta Sjogren's newest feature film, CLAIRE’S BONES is currently in pre-production and is slated to begin shooting in spring 2008. In CLAIRE’S BONES, two strangers, a down-to-earth paleontologist and a high-spirited race car driver, who live in different states and have never met, begin to dream of each other. Against all reason, they fall in love with the imaginary figure that haunts their nocturnal landscape. When one of them discovers the body of a murdered young woman, their lives become fatally entwined, as the rippling after-shocks of this horrific event conspire to bring them together.

A Chain of Windows
A 60 minute mixed format documentary, A CHAIN OF WINDOWS investigates the cultural legacy of slave dwellings in New England and the American South. The film is an excavation -- an attempt to bring to light aspects of our nation's history that have been neglected and repressed. These sites, many of which have been abandoned and left to rot, while nearby plantations are meticulously restored, are a fruitful locus of issues relating to the political, social, psychological and economic history of slavery in the United States. The project is being developed with the support of a 2006 Guggenheim Fellowship and grants from The American Antiquirian Society and the Film Arts Foundation.

Rage Carolina
A feature-film about a young black woman who undertakes an elaborate scheme to extract revenge on descendants of a Southern plantation where her ancestors were enslaved. RAGE CAROLINA was the recipient of the prestigious Cynosure Screenwriting Award for Best Minority Protagonist.

Lost Oasis

A feature narrative that explores the ricochets of fate that link four people in the wake of a tragic accident. A little girl drowns as a result of her father’s momentary negligence. Her mother, a compassionate psychologist, snaps under the strain of heart-break, and abandons her husband, disappearing into the desert. There she meets an older African American woman, a weathered ex-Black Panther who once fled to the desert to escape her own troubled past. This encounter changes both their lives, helping each woman to confront her own ghosts and to move on.